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Argh! Lost conditioning

September 9, 2009

Cautionary tale to all concerned. Vacations (and too much work) can be bad for your running. I am still not back in form after the August vacation. Today was a miserly 3 miler but I am determined to get back into it before I completely loose everything.

The right calf muscle is complaining a bit and the few extra pound that I put on are also a burden but hey, it is not lost till it’s stopped. So tomorrow, I got to do a 4 miler and then on Friday, try to go back to doing the 6 milers.

Here is to getting back (again!).


Been a while!

August 26, 2009

Boy, I have been gone for a while. Two weeks in Spain followed by a week of adjustments back home. Sadly, while in Spain, I was not able to run much, if any at all. The only thing I could do was run up and down a small hill a few times. Since I have been back I have managed to run twice and both times I felt it!

It is unbelievable just how fast the conditioning fades away. Yesterday, after struggling to do a 2 miler, I am determined to do a decent 4 or 6 miler today. Will post the results when I come back.

Here is to be back again!

Travel week

August 3, 2009

Last week, since July 25th, was mostly travel with trips to Chicago and New York. No only was it travel, it was also quite grueling which made it hard to run. Felt mostly tired and wiped out most of the week.

The longest run of the week was a difficult 10 miler on July 29th with a 6 miler thrown in on Monday, July 27th. I will have a chance to go to Spain soon so will post about running in the Spanish countryside.

Is it the food?

July 25, 2009

I did run okay this week, but not great. I guess my best days were Tuesday and Wed but Thursday and Friday were a bear. I did manage to run 8 miles on Friday but they weren’t the easiest miles I ran. By the end of the run, I kind of felt wiped out, not very energetic. So I wonder if it was the food.

While I have not adjusted my diet in any way, I ate less salads and more lentils and beans. Actually way more lentils. I have found that a post run salad works wonders for me and that is something that I couldn’t do this week. So it may be that these little changes contributed to a more lethargic week than normal.

I will write about salads in the morning at some other time but I have to go back to my salad eating mornings and lots of black beans during the day.

While I do have travel coming up next week, I will still try to adhere to my new routine and will try to fix the food situation. Let’s see what happens by next Sunday.

Running in the rain with Vibram FiveFingers

July 22, 2009

Today was another first for me, namely, running in pouring rain with the VFFs for a 4 miler. And I am happy to report that they work very well indeed. Whereas a pair of sneakers would start to squish with water, the VFFs drain it all so you don’t really feel the rain so much. A couple of times I even stepped into puddles but still the VFFs didn’t give me any trouble at all. When I ran in the rain with sneakers on, I could distinctly feel my feet getting wetter and wetter as time went on but with the VFFs that didn’t happen. I just had a sensation that my feet were a bit wet but there was no feeling of being inundated.

Mark Bitman runs with Deena Kastor

July 22, 2009

Here is a link to the video:

My take on this is that Mark should have covered foods that Deena eats during runs, or before and after etc. The issue is that while its cute to watch them run and cook together, there isn’t a whole lot of information there. Deena saying that she will eat anything is just not that interesting; would have been more so if she could have gone into some detail about foods that are important for runners of those that she has found to be beneficial. Worth a look though.

Easy 6 miles

July 22, 2009

Really I have to yet again credit The VFFs for way my feet are holding up. Last time I ran more than 10 miles in a day, it took me a while to get the milage up again. Now, just two days after running a half marathon I was able to do a six miler without any problem at all. Will try for another one tomorrow.